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The Scissor Staff

There are many tools for sewing and quilting, and besides my fleet of irons I blogged about a few years ago, I also love scissors! I'm in good company with my sewing sisters who loved them too. I'm also going to include rotary cutters (round razor blades that makes precise cuts on just about any fabric.

Rotary cutters have revolutionized the time and effort of templates and using a hand pair of scissors. It's practically effortless as long as the blade is new and changed often.

While being on retreat, I realized that I still have many pairs of scissors that travel with me, and take my favorite two pairs as well. I have even more at home with many having specific uses.

I asked two sewing sisters to find all their scissors they have with them on this Shoebox Retreat and I'd take a photo of them. A shout of Thanks to Deb Hoppe and Debbi Carter for going along and locating all their scissors.

I don't think Edward Scissorhands could keep up with us!




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