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The Pillowcase

How many pillowcases do we need in a household? For me/us, it looks like over 50! Can you imagine? Really though, as I was preparing two sets of sheets and towels for my upcoming bee retreat this weekend, I cleaned out the linen closet. I washed every single pillowcase in the joint. What I found was that there were pillowcases left over after the sheets had seen better days and are no longer with us, plus favorites and hand-made ones for the kids.

Pillowcases can be soft after a million washes despite the fabric (cotton/flannel/silk), and scratchy ones have no reason to hang around much longer. I found a ripped one that immediately went to the rag pile.

And what about those favorite pillowcases? Should we hang on to them? Is it against some "linen" rule that we must discard sheets and pillowcases after, say, five years? ten years or more? "They" say that we should discard the pillows after so many years (probably rightfully so for some), and of course, a mattress, "they" say should not be used for more than 10 years? Pillows are at least washable.

I love a crisp cotton pillow case against my face during the summer months. In the fall, I love a soft flannel one that the face sinks into for those longer snoozes.

Cheers to the ubiquitous Pillow Case - all 50 of them in my house!




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