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The Focused Fight; Navigating the Rising Costs of Publishing

Books, books, books. Pricing for books/paper/publishing is going up like everything else, it seems. I was recently notified that KDP, the publishing arm of Amazon Books, is raising its prices while the author makes less for each book sold. We have a window of time before the price increases on June 20, 2023 (this coming Tuesday).

Hey, it’s not about the money, as few authors make bank on a self-published book, but making a couple of bucks per book is worth the effort at this time in the process.

Here is what KDP sent out recently:

Since launching KDP print books in 2016, we’ve enjoyed helping you publish and sell your books around the world. During this time, we’ve kept our printing fees the same, despite increasing costs of materials and labor over the past six years. On June 20, 2023, we’re changing our fees to better align with today’s cost to print books. We have not taken this decision lightly and have reduced printing costs where possible. I am not making my decision lightly to raise my book price either. It's been at a "bargain" book price for over two years.

In 1996, when two-year-old Ryan was diagnosed with Leukemia, I wanted, er, needed, to read a book about hope and inspirational stories while staring down a very scary road. There was not much out there in terms of those kinds of books then. Heck, I would have paid $50 for a book to give me some guidance or a glimmer of a plan to move forward. I desperately needed to hear others' stories on my own time.

Almost 20 years later, I began to write a book that I would have loved to read back then, which became The Focused Fight A Childhood Cancer Journey: From Mayhem to Miracles. I believe it has helped a lot of people so far - and that makes my heart sing!

If you meant to order a copy and haven't yet, please consider doing so under the current price of $12.95. On Tuesday, The Focused Fight will be increased to $20. The kindle version will remain at the same price. An audiobook is in the works! Stay tuned!

For giggles and grins, an expensive frappuccino coffee at Starbucks is over $6.00. That drink lasts about an hour. A book lasts longer and can be shared! Thank you all who have supported me and my family over the last 26 years - book or no book, it has been one heck of a wild ride!




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