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Thanksgiving Eve

With food shortages in war-torn countries and many looking to feed their families in the US and other parts of the world without war (Lahaina, Hawaii, families come to mind), I am grateful beyond measure for the ability to buy groceries, with most of our grocery stores around the country typically chock full of everything!

For two recent days in a row, I went a couple of times to the grocery stores to get what I needed for the weekend. I kept forgetting key ingredients, so that is why I needed to return another time or two. But the last time I entered a big local grocery store in my area (and had been there the day before), I about dropped to my knees. It hit me hard as I stood there, barely three ft. into the store, to see the items stacked practically to the ceiling of every imaginable foodstuffs, beverages, display of holiday items, and a whole bunch more. You get the picture.

Lead with a grateful heart. It's a privilege and honor to walk in and purchase food and key ingredients. Hubby Bill and I do not take this gift for granted.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving 2023?

Safe travels to all who are on the roads and in the air to visit with friends and families near and far. May this holiday be filled with love, laughter, and thanksgiving.



Photo from my dining room table in 2016


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