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Summer is Officially Here!

I don’t know about you, but SUMMER is my favorite time of year. When it is not hot and sunny, I try like heck to manufacture my own sunshine the rest of the year.

Pool time and Pickleball have picked up now, and I’m loving it.

Our solstice sun ☀️ has set in the Mid-Atlantic, but you can bet I was outside to the last vestiges of light. I’m also a fan of early morning sunlight. It brings pep into my step that lasts the entire day.

Northern hemisphere, get ready to rock and roll all summmer long. I’m planning on more lap swimming 🏊 and pickleball strategizing, especially when on the courts. And, although I’m okay with all four seasons, I hold onto this time of year with all my might, squeezing it tight and won’t let go until that first frost.

Are you ready for the summer?



Sunset from Lake Erie (Kelleys Island) only three weeks ago!


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