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Thank goodness I jump started summer a few days ago since today's solstice was a bust here in the Mid- Atlantic. I waited all day long for a hint of sunshine ☀️. Nothing. Only liquid sunshine today and cool temperatures.

The day felt more like a autumn day sans dried and colorful leaves blowing down the drive. But my summer flowers will benefit greatly from the rain and show off their blooms in their blooming cycle (I have perennials mixed in with the annuals). It will be a riot of color soon enough.

If we couldn't enjoy thr longest day of the year, we can still enjoy the fact that today is also World Giraffe Day! Their long necks almost equals a long day, and I'll take it.

A funny story about a giraffe 🦒 was when I was in Botswana in 2016 with my fiend, Hp Gruneisen. We were on an early morning game drive just pulling out of camp. I had my head down fiddling with my cameras and lenses, prepping for the next couple of hours, when our driver, Master, stopped on a dime. Whoa! "What the heck" was my first thought, as my equipment went flying off my lap.

With my head still down, and picking up my stuff off the floor of the vehicle, Hp quietly told me to look right. And right there, inches from my right knee, was a big giraffe standing stoic near the truck. I gulped, and in wonderous awe, whispered, "Good morning there big fella." About 30 seconds later, he turned around and got lost in the thick bush.

We could only see the tippy top of his ears as Master slowly pulled out of the area. Of course I didn't get a photo, and Hp did not either. We basked in that beautiful giraffe moment for the rest of the day.




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