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Spain Wins World Cup in 2023!

The Women's World Cup Championship game started promptly at 6:00 am for the Midwest and East Coast—Spain vs. England. I set my alarm for 5:55 am to use the bathroom and brush my teeth before the kickoff. Best laid plans...

However, while still at my sister's house, I ran into a snafu with the stations and couldn't find the game on in English. They have the Dish and hundreds of channels, but I couldn't find one I recognized for tuning into the game. I didn't want to push it since no one was up after the engagement party the previous night. I muscled through using two remotes to try and find just one station that had the game on, bypassing hundreds of other channels.

Twelve minutes later, I found Telemundo, the Spanish Futbol channel, and stuck to this one. I figured I'd still see the game and brush up on my Spanish! It couldn't hurt. Plus, the game of soccer is recognizable in any language and viewed by over two billion people for big international matches, men or women.

As I watched many earlier games, especially with Spain and England, I knew it would be a great match (since the USA team lost in the knockout round). Soccer is soccer. I wanted to see a hard-fought match, and the ladies of both teams delivered their style of play that I remained impressed with for the entire game.

The Spanish Women won their first World Cup (oh, I know it's old news today)! It was an exciting match down to the last minute of play when England desperately tried to score an equalizer. Due to the nature of the play, I bet many players from both teams are fatigued and sore! Earlier in the game, the winning goal from the Spanish team #19 was a cross so fast and accurate into the side netting that no one could stop, including the excellent British keeper! Those Spanish girls were fast as lightning and seemed to be having a lot more fun than their opponents with every kick of the ball. Maybe having fun on the world stage was their secret sauce in winning the championship!

After watching many games, I think I am prepared to take on the high school soccer season again for the 2023 campaign. I hope for a great fall season on the pitch for all high school teams and coaches! But let's not forget the referees!



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