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SoCo Retreat: It Takes a Village

The anticipation of planning and going on a quilt retreat with my quilty buddies is something I look forward to every year. We all work on our own projects, but this retreat offers a mystery quilt (table runner), a pin cushion and a tote bag - all taught by guild members/planning committee.

I've mentioned in previous posts that I love the comraderie and friendships - all through the eye of the needle. It can take a village to not only finish our sentence

Sew, we all got here from all walks of life, but what makes us click? Why do sit at our sewing machines for hours? My little poll yielded these answers - from 23 sewists - the colors, the tactile feel, creativity, problem solving, stress reliever, cotton core math, community, friendship, puzzles, escapism, relaxation, to make things for people we love, and "the fabric doesn't talk back!"

We are not a group of little old ladies that sit around a big quilting table. We are IT specialists in service administration and the US Census Bureau (retired), a Paramedic and stay home mom, a retired graphic designer/artist in the magazine industry, a former home schoolteacher and administrator for a large construction company, a state of Maryland Bureaucrat (retired), a retired elementary school counselor, a retired Coast Guard Commander, an Area Director of the Internal Revenue Service Field Assistance responsible for 100 offices in 19 states (and retiring in six business days!!!), a high school English teacher (she has a PhD), a technical writer and editor for General Dynamics information technology department, a retired pilot and statistician for the US Census Bureau, a retired Navy Lt. Colonel and an administrator with Anne Arundel County Public Schools, and a Nurse Practitioner in Family Occupational Health.

And we all quilt and sew so we can be the best we can be on our jobs or as individuals muscling through our lives.

It Takes a Village.




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