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SoCo is Back Donating Quilts!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

My quilt guild, the Southern Comforters of Bowie, Maryland, is back in business in donating beautiful quilts to the kids and families diagnosed and going through treatment for Childhood Cancer. Yesterday, I was the lucky one to be the liaison and make this donation to Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

For two years I've held onto (2) large bags of quilts waiting patiently to wrap themselves around a child. They are now freed, out of the bags, and getting the chance to provide love and comfort as the month and year unfolds.

I am so proud of my guild working together through our vibrant Community Quilts Program that gets together every Tuesday at one member's home. Many hands make light work. It's how all the quilts move through a very well-oiled process over 35-40 years. Not only do our quilts help cancer kids, but veterans, hospice networks, various churches and schools that have a need, and during natural disasters.

We are a small guild, but we are certainly mighty!

We are manufacturing sunshine!


Childlife Specialist Adina and Quilts for the Sinai Kids! 2/2/22

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