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Secret Sewing Sister-Unexpected Gift

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Over the last several years, while on a quilt guild retreat, we went to a Secret Sewing Sister (SSS) format to add pizzaz to an already stacked weekend of activities. Being a part of and being assigned a secret sister is like having a secret Santa for the entire weekend, and the same concept. The game starts on Friday afternoon after most of us have arrived, leaving treats of food, candy, or drinks and small gifts near the sewing space or on your sister's sewing machine (that's what I like to do).

The big 'reveal' is on Sunday afternoon when we get back from lunch. Most of the time, I never know who my secret sister is until the final reveal. As a bunch, we are sneaky and stealth-like, and this year's SSS was no different. I never "caught" my SSS leaving a thing near my workspace. She was crafty as the weekend went on by leaving one of my gifts on a sofa (wrapped with my name on it) for me to discover.

But come Sunday morning, there was a gift on my sewing machine that was a dead ringer for who made it. As much as I thought it could have been someone else, no one but Margy Hill can make an amazing stuffed animal out of a pair of socks like her. I had an inkling she made the elephant, but there was also a slew of talented ladies that also could have made it. I had to wait it out but knew in my mind and heart; I knew it had to be made by Margy.

Funny thing, I never was graced with one of Margy's masterpieces until this year. I have been a guild member for over 20 years and probably 25 years for Margy. I am over the moon at being a recipient of one of her animals; they are keepers for sure.

Margy loves elephants as I do. In fact, she did was a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) in Africa years ago and still fondly recalls the memories she made there. She was always interested in my travels to Africa, too, knowing I love all the animals as she does. Hence the gift of the book on giraffes, plus my favorite colors spilled over to the fabrics and other fun stuff my Secret Sewing Sister gave me. But that sock Elephant was indeed an Unexpected Gift!

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