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Saying Goodbye from Poland

It's my last day/night in Polska-Poland. So many memories and activities on this trip that it will take me some time to reflect on this epic experience - from London and Paris with my nuclear family to the South of France with Bill and The Writing Community to the solo trip to Poland. My heart is full and filled with love.

Thankfully, I've been enveloped with love by a whole community of family on my father's side - Nowacki et al., We have stayed in touch with our Ostròw Maziewiecka family through letters and cards from 1906 until today. Visits to Poland by my grandfather Nowacki who moved to the USA in 1905, kept everyone in touch for many years. In the 1970s, Aunt Lottie (1973/1978), Aunt Mary with me in 1977 and again with my Dad in 1995), my sister Kimberly visited in 1992, and sister Annette was also with my Dad and me in 1995.

I cannot thank Renata and Jerszy, Iwona, Anna, Zbigniew, Ewa, Maciej, Miłosz, Kasia, Sebastian, Izabela, Jacek, Justyna, Olek, Gabriela, Darek, Basia, Piotr, Michal (and Karolina). for taking good care of me and sharing their lovely country and families with me. It's been one heck of a ride!

My biggest takeaway is that Poland has changed dramatically from 1977 to 1995 and in 2023 - all for the best! It has been my greatest pleasure to see the transformation into a wonderfully welcoming and resilient nation.

Dziękuję bardzo za wszystko!! (translation; Thank you for everything!)


Photo from Sebastian L-R: Iwona, Anna, Kasiak, me, Renata and Jerszy.


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