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Usually, I hit the ground running and go on to the next thing on a lot of days. I was hoping that wouldn't be the case once I got back from France, Kelleys Island, Ohio, and Richmond, Virginia—three trips that were kind of back-to-back yet all planned by yours truly. I can say that the past six weeks have been nothing but creating great memories with all the people I've been around and the places I've visited, including meeting new friends and places abroad.

This past Monday started a full week of my Re-Entry back home, in my neighborhood (pool and pickleball courts, yay) and in my hot seat! I've got some blog posts to share eventually, but still working on them. If you are a steady reader of my blog (I THANK YOU!), you may have noticed I haven't been posting daily. I may get back to that pace, but not right now. I'm enjoying the slower pace of the day, which includes writing, exercising, and quilting (all three on some days), and hopefully, more days in Richmond with Baby Boy Bodie and his parents. I also have designs on reading several books over the summer, catching up with the house/yard work, and just hangin' out.

And snap, just like that, thirty-seven years ago today (it was a Friday), I was concerned about some rain overnight and a rehearsal dinner—that went very well, by the way. My life would change the next day—walking down the aisle to my future.





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