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Can you imagine what it must be like to return to Earth after being in space for a while? I think it compares a teeny tiny bit of what jetlag could feel like, coupled with a bout of some disagreeable food two days before I flew home last Sunday. I certainly needed last week to gain my "sea" legs and rest to get fully back in the saddle of my routines. Thankfully, I'm almost there.

If you love traveling to foreign countries and do not speak the language(s) but still have a great time, I am all ears. Travel is one of the best things I love to do (even a trip to the grocery store is an adventure - and that's not even discussing ever-escalating food prices). I aim to unpack some of the stories I mentioned in my blog in real-time this past month, perhaps going more profound and more mindful of the epic trip it was. Some distance to reflect is not a wrong way to go about it.

For example, in August 2018, I traveled to Ethiopia with my son Ryan's pediatric oncologist, Dr. Aziza Shad. My first goal was to deliver 30+ children's quilts to the Mother Teresa Home in the Captial City, Addis Ababa, play with the kids there, and visit the nearby hospitals with childhood cancer wards. My quilt guild, the Southern Comforters of Bowie/Crofton, Maryland, was instrumental in creating the quilts I took with me. My second goal was to travel solo to two other areas of Ethiopia and turn a four-hour layover in Dubai into a four-day visit to the Middle East. I wrote about that trip almost daily and posted on my old (then) blog (QuiltsFromTheHeart) when I had good enough WIFI. From December 2022 -to the end of March 2023, I unpacked those Ethiopia/UAE memories on a much deeper level with color commentary, which I plan on sharing here later this year (this summer).

I did the same thing this past month, writing about London, France, and Poland and posting on my Manufacturing Sunshine blog daily, but I know some posts were rough. Maybe some days didn't make sense because there were a lot of spotty WiFi signals almost everywhere, and not sure if the text and photos flew, except in Poland - they had the best WiFi of all!

Thank you for reading along with me! I know your time is valuable, so I appreciate you spending a few moments reading about my musings and manufacturing sunshine. If I can add some value to you or pique your interest to explore further any topic I dive into, even better.



These signs were all over Polska-Poland on the highway routes in big and little cities. This is what it means: You are a great driver! At night, the soccer ball lights up! It's a brilliant ad, don't you think?


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