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Quilted Pet Portrait with Loo-C-Loo

The Odenton, Maryland, regional county library put out an all call for their inaugural celebration of quilts and the craft of quilting. The show will run from January 12-February 12 featuring many styles of quilts from at least two dozen quilters. Since they had a size limit, most of my larger quilts could not participate.

However, never fear. I also have a cadre of smaller quilts that made the cut on the size. When I inventoried my stash, I had to enter my pet portrait of our beloved "labsky" Loo-C-Loo that I created in 2017 for my guild's challenge that year. Looking at the quilt and photo gave me pause. I didn't realize how much I miss her and her regal personality. She loved to sit on the sofa crossing her two front legs and stare at me for hours as I sewed on the dining room table. She'd doze off until I moved or got up out of my chair, and rested her head once the rhythm of the sewing machine was put back in motion. Those were some great memories of her and the portrait quilt of her brings me joy.

I have a few more quilts in the "show." I'll post about them after Friday's reception and kickoff. I'm thrilled that all the quilts hung from all the participants will be seen by many in the next month.

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