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Quilt Camp - Retreat on the West River!

Quilters Are

Not Greedy

They Are Just

Materialistic fabrics

Not only am I excited to sew, talk, eat, laugh, eat snacks, quilt (did I mention snacks?), and bond with the sisterhood of fiber arts, but I am also impressed with the barren landscape on the West River. Supposedly, a storm is brewing (including snow - egads!), though you wouldn't know it by the sheet-of-glass-river and a couple of friendly mallard ducks (to each other, not me) helping themselves along the water's edge. Cute ducklings carve out straight as arrows streaks across the water, which reminds me of the first cuts of a skater on an ice rink.

As I glance around the room since we got here during the lunch hour, I see happy faces, machines hard at work, and fabric galore. Projects are just starting or are in the middle, with the finishers wrapping up something special.

This weekend, I brought small projects to start and finish. Little tote bags, ditty bags, journal covers, a guild project sailboat block, and a flannel backing that I started on 2/13/2022. Oh, I have other quilt projects to work on, too, and brought a bin of scraps to create even more delicious blocks...which could turn into quilts or quilt parts. There is never a dull moment!

Here are some photos from today's big fun:




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