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Making T-shirt Quilts = Happiness Part 2

My NeedleOnFull business is in full swing this spring as I continue to create One-Of-A-Kind T-shirt quilts and other sewing projects that, well, bring me happiness and joy! I am one blessed Tee-Tee (my chosen Grandmother's name for Baby Bodie).

Yesterday, a graduating senior (2024), Duke, came over to pick up his T-shirt quilt with his Mom, Jen. His smile was a mile wide, so I took it that he was happy with his youthful memories all contained in one place - a quilt - that he could use on his college dorm room bed, the sofa, or anywhere he chooses to use it. The cozy fleece back will be the perfect resting place after toiling through classes and studying at The Ohio State University this fall.

You know, I'm thrilled because Duke and his Mom, Jen, were thrilled with the finished product. I realize I work in a niche market, but those who find me through the internet or word-of-mouth and use me not only love the outcome but I've also met another friend. Many times, we work together to get the quilt "just right" for the intended recipient! That in itself makes my heart sing.



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Apr 10

Terri, your work is priceless! Thank you making these masterpieces for all 3 of my sons! Something they will use forever ❤️

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