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Hubby Bill Wins a Quilt at BINGO

From a guy who says he never wins anything, Hubby Bill came up big, winning game #13 with an amazing quilt created by friend and guildmate Pat Scully.

Today, my quilt guild hosted our annual BINGO event. Close to 150 eager Bingo players (is it Bingo-ers? Bingo-ites?) vying to win one of 20 beautiful quilts in as many games. It’s a fun and festive experience for all who enter the big Knights of Columbus hall in Bowie, Maryland.

Not only do we have quilts to win, but we also have raffle baskets of cool stuff, a silent auction of quilted items, our yearly raffle quilt (the winning ticket was pulled after Bingo ended), and a bake sale. All proceeds benefit our quilting programs and our community at large.

Bill, the only hubby of our membership to attend, was sitting right next to me. He never mentioned he was only one number away from yelling BINGO until he did. Frankly, I was shocked when he yelled out his winning game. Apparently, he was, too, because, in his excitement of winning, he failed to play the very next game. Ha!

Son Ryan was a helpful worker bee from the 9 a.m. set-up call to late afternoon when it all ended. He helped set up the hall with tables and chairs, brought in boxes in the pouring rain, and helped in any capacity he could. He also sold extra bingo cards on the special games to those waving $1.00 bills from the crowd. I'm thrilled he likes to help, and the ladies love him!

Bill may have been the “big” winner with his winning quilt, but my guild and all our members did, too.



Photo: Bill, his new quilt, Wonderful Ocean, and the quilt's creator, Pat Scully!

Thanks to all who braved the ugly rain and found respite in a hall filled with amazing and cozy quilts!

Photos: 1) Bingo info/cards; 2) Ryan and me; 3) Raffle Baskets 4) Susie Stevenson with the curated quilts ready for new homes; 5) 2024 Raffle quilt; 6) Wendy Allen - our fearless Bingo Coordinator and more!


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