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Pot ‘O Chili

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

No one can control the weather. Sure, a plug-in fan can move air around, and there is air-conditioning etc., but only Mother Nature can do her wonderous or devastating actions. Since no one could control the dumping of 5″-12″ of snow early Monday morning in the Mid-Atlantic, I took matters into my own hands on what I can control. I can control the meals I can prepare to stave off the cold. Luckily, we have not lost any power throughout the storm.

Others on I95 in Virginia, stuck on the freeway for hours and hours (up to 24 hours) were not so lucky. Interstate 95 in Virginia fully reopened Tuesday night after more than a day of blockage, which caused havoc for thousands of commuters who were trapped on to the roadway. People ran out of gas, water and the creature comforts we are all used to while driving. Ice was the biggest culprit. Thankfully, no fatalites, only a lot of disable cars and trucks.

We hunkered down here in the house. I felt like a good shopper in having enough food to make a big Dutch Oven pot of steaming hot and delicious chili before the storm. It even has the right amount of kick with a small handful of chopped jalapeno pepper added for good measure.

I’d have to say the pot ‘o chili was a way to Manufacture a bit ‘o sunshine on these b&w days.



Pot 'O Chili
Pot 'O Chili


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