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Pool Swimming at CSTC

It took me a good four days after returning home to feel myself again. Today I feel the best (not super tired). Before I left at the end of June, I got to my local pool exactly once, swimming ten measly laps to kick off the summer. The next day we started our trek West.

Today I celebrate being in my happy swimming hole place — twice! With each stroke, I'm back to lap swimming and that delicious feeling of the warm water cascading over my back and shoulders. The second pool trip included hubby Bill and son Ryan tossing the ball around for another hour. I've got about four weeks to get in as many days as possible, swimming a mile each time I go. The exercise is a total body workout, with no sore legs afterward (like running or fast walking).

Summer's here, and I'm for that!



Crofton Swim and Tennis Club August 2022


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