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Plant Whispers

Have you ever listened to your plants? Or heard them as they grow? I know it sounds a bit sci-fi, if not crazy, but the plant that sits by my writing desk makes "noise."

When I write, sometimes for hours sitting right next to it, I notice the soft sounds of either the plant's growth or the unfurling of a leaf or both. At first, I thought it was a bug of some sort going from leaf to leaf, but when I investigated closer, nothing was there. I am referring to a particular plant called the Prayer Plant, AKA Rabbit Tracks/Herringbone plant or Ten Commandments. Maybe you have one or something similar.

According to my plant app, the leaves adopt a unique habit of lying flat during the daytime while standing up straight during the night. It seems like the plant has the habit of praying before heading to bed, so it fits that it's called the Prayer Plant. So when it's going from the sleep stage to the awake stage, I hear it as the leaves do their thing. It helps to listen when the house is silent for the whisper.

I think our world could use all the prayers it can get, even from a house plant!



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