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Manufacturing Paris in Crofton?

Late last summer, while perusing Facebook Marketplace, I found a moving sale in a community 15 minutes from me. The woman I called had several things left for sale, but I was interested in the red and white ice cream parlor chairs she still had available for purchase. After discussing them (they were in her red and white basement with a Coca-Cola theme), I bought the four chairs, thinking I would repaint them and swap out the striped seats. She also threw in a black outdoor planter stand that sorely needs a few coats of paint. The planter luckily found its home on the back patio.

Once home, I put the chairs in the garage and didn't do a doggone thing with them last year. My intentions were good! But tripping over the chairs all winter long while going in and out of the garage was not cool. I decided the heck with the paint; I'll put them out in our front door area just the way they are. Since no bistro table came with the chairs, I found this foldable one in the photo below and thought it matched well.

I hope to have a cup of tea in the morning as the sun rises over the front of the house while Bill sips on a hot cup of coffee. Maybe a cup of ice cream in the evening as a sundowner would perfectly complement our little Paris cafe in Crofton, Maryland. I can dream, right?


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