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PA Quilt Retreat

Penn National Golf Club - Fayetteville, PA = Quilt Retreat!

Most golfers have hung up their cleats and clubs for the season, especially here at Penn National. It’s a beautiful area in southern PA, 20 miles West of Gettysburg. I’m sure the land on this golf course was also Civil War Battle grounds (Antietam and Gettysburg close by). Jeb Stuart raided this area in 1862/1863 looking for horses, and Lee was run out of Gettysburg.

In the off season, this place turns into quilt and craft retreats. Thankfully, it’s only a two hour drive to sew, laugh and eat all kinds of food with my sewing sisters.

There are 11 of us humming along to the tunes on the boombox, and in beat with our machines! Much sewing can be done with little or no other distractions except for conversation (loving my table partner, Linda Boone, or getting a bite to eat from the snack table. There's plenty of each for the entire weekend.




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