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O, Bo, and Disco in Richmond, Virginia!

I’ve got a few ideas floating around my mind for kind of post, but for this weekend, I’ll continue the family fun in Richmond, VA, by celebrating my daughter, Olivia, and her partner, Bo’s, new-to-them home. We are so proud of this new endeavor!

It is interesting to me to see how my kids and their friends have succeeded in life - going to college, graduating, first jobs that have led to several jobs, marriage or boyfriends, babies, purchasing a first home, and living their lives with a work-life balance as crafty as they can make it.

Bo, O, and dog Disco bought their first home in the Willow Lawn area of Richmond a couple of months ago. It’s a super nice neighborhood comprised of many deep red brick homes built in the early 1950a and many with additions (no one was building huge homes in the early 1950s).

We are relaxing by walking the puppy, putt-putt golf, Top Golf, ice cream, game playing, and being together in and out of the house. A visit to Olivia’s best friend, Liz, and her family, living about 10 minutes away, was also part of our day in this capital city of Virginia.

Now excuse me as I am called to play a game of Quiddler.




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