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New Writing Space is Working

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

I wrote this piece a couple of months ago. I don't think it ever hit the blogosphere until now. It's all about moving to another "hot seat" in the house for my writing; the sewing part remains in the same spot.

The edge of the large dining room table (when all leaves are in per usual) is where I always write when home. I affectionately call it the hot seat. I think it is exactly in the middle of the home, which, in my world, is the heart of the home. I like it. Many a good yarn, most of my WIC writings, my blog, and my book were written from that hot seat.

However, I do share that table with Crafting and creating treasure keepsakes happen to take place on the other side of the table. “We fight for inches," and the quilting/sewing world takes up a lot of room. In addition to all the fight-for-space games I play against myself, any time we have a “special” event that includes more than my original gang, I must move all my stuff. This gets tricky because I am a surface hog. Most other outlining areas that I could move the tabletop stuff already have other stuff on them. Frankly, it’s a never-ending battle that I am delighted to take on.

The last to go from the table when “entertaining” is my computer. The sewing machine and all its accouterments actually go first. I have a system for breaking down this camp up when needed. As an aside, my daughter’s friend once commented while they were in high school that she’s never seen the dining room table without the sewing machine on it until one day she did! All that space she exclaimed!

Sew, a few months ago, I began thinking of new-to-me writing space. I knew I wanted to clean up the table to eat and play games and knew I had a spare little sewing table that would double up as a writing table hidden behind the sofa. I use it when I have my quilting bee over for someone to sew on it (that dining room table fills up quickly).

That’s where I am planted as I write this. It’s a new space, three feet from my other space, and will take some time to get used to I’m afraid. I take it that three feet to the right of my “regular spot” may not be exactly the center of the home, but I am OK with it. I can, and have, adjusted. I can be nimble as a thimble (a leather one!). I will survive. I will write and write from this new space with gusto and ease!

Now, let me go and have some hot tea and cookies at the cleaned-up-pretty-tablecloth-table.



Old Writing Space

New Writing Space!


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