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Never Have I Ever…

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Never have I ever answered the call to a glowing automobile or delicious (food) TV advertisement a few moments after it’s been aired. Oh sure, we’ve have purchased a couple of Honda Accords in the last 35 years, but not right after seeing an ad on TV. Sometimes it takes months to make up our mind!

On New Year’s Eve while watching college football, the Alabama vs. Cincinnati game, a Chick-Fil-A commercial appeared about 4:10 PM EST. The commercial highlighted CFA’s other signature soup, chicken tortilla. Hmmm is what I said to myself. Yummy is what I initially said out loud. Hubby Bill and I looked at each other exactly at the same time and exclaimed, “boy that soup sure looks delicious.” Without missing a beat son Ryan, sitting in his favorite seat in the house, asked if maybe we wanted some. “Yes!” was the answer. He then casually mentioned that he needed about $50 more dollars on his CFA card to bump him to the next level (whatever that means – more perks?).

We had no other plans that night except to either watch more football, a movie, or later, Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve. I volunteered to pick up the food should we order. Since this particular CFA store was closing at 6 PM we needed to make a quick decision. By 4:15 PM Ryan placed the order that was slightly over $50. We ordered three soups (one chicken, the other I bet you can guess); 30 nuggets, a few sandwiches and a #8 with an iced tea with one lemon slice.

I was out the door in minutes after Ryan sent the order via his app. I giggled the whole way there (about 3 miles). I couldn’t believe that we were snookered in on that commercial. But let me tell you, the soup was fantastic and mouth-watering just like the commercial promised, perhaps even better!

The other plus—Ryan reached his next level of perks in the app for orders in 2022.

Our mission was accomplished.



A Chick-fil-A moment
A Chick-fil-A moment


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