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NeedleOnFull Quilt for U. of Washington Band Alumnus!

Purple T-shirts, and a lot of them, were given to me to make Joe Cortese. a treasured keepsake of many of his band T-shirts over his four-year band and academic career. At first, I was tentative about placing so many purple shirts next to each other, but when I had them all on my design wall, it worked! It was then time to sew them all together.

Adding gold inner borders set off all the purple shirts in a pleasing manner. I auditioned a few other colors for the borders but knew that a lighter purple/violet color would capture the essence of the quilt more than any other color - even the gold. That would have been too much.

The back of the quilt is a soft cushy fleece that will warm Joe on those cold and rainy State of Washington nights for sure.

It's thrilling for me to see Joe's mom, Eileen, gush over how much she liked the quilt and that Joe will use it as soon as the box arrives at his apartment on the West Coast. I sure hope that is the case!



Joe's quilt; holding it is his Mom, Eileen and me


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