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National Thank You Day 2023

Most would think July 2nd or December 26th would be appro pro for a Thank you day. We could also agree, perhaps, that every day can be considered a Thank You day. But for some reason, today, September 15th, is a special day, along with my nephew and Godson, Brandon Kocan, because it's his 29th Birthday.

Of course, people are kind to each other every day, and I love that. They let others go ahead of them in line, hold doors open for strangers, give gifts, and speak words of encouragement. How can these words and deeds of kindness be acknowledged? By saying "thank you." Simple and easy.

Today is an excellent reminder and easy peasy to say a hearty THANK YOU to my faithful blog readers. I'm approaching twelve whole years of blogging, and I couldn't have done it without you. You give me the courage and bravery to put myself out there, including all kinds of stories, amusements, and announcements.

My other favorite saying is, "Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note." It could be Thanks or something comparable. I've handwritten a few notes today that will be sent this weekend. I think of it as manufacturing sunshine for others...

As the Hawaiians' say, and how I closed my posts the past two weeks, Mahalo to one and all!

I plan to return with a few serendipity stories of leaving Hawaii on Wednesday and Thursday while Jodie Smith and I proudly wore our MauiStrong T-shirts.



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