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Keeping in Touch! Do We?

We graduate, change jobs, and move - either to a different town or suburb, state or another country. But do we stay in touch? We say we will, but that only goes on for so long.

For those who grew up before social media was the go-to method of staying in touch, we wrote letters, called each other on rotary phones, and tried to make plans to visit in real life. We felt heard, seen, and cherished by these lifelong friendships.

So, when the photo on my wedding day (June 13, 1987) below popped up because it was Laura's birthday yesterday (Laura is sitting to my right - and how did Facebook know???), I had to do a post about, well, keeping in touch.

Actually, I'm thrilled that it did pop up. I took a hard look at it this morning, and except for a couple of gal pals in the pic, we've remained and continue to keep in touch. A few I see on a fairly regular basis when I'm in Ohio, and others we either chat by cell phone, texting, and good old-fashioned cards and letter writing. I'd say we Manufacture Sunshine the best we can for each other, which has spanned for over four decades.

That is truly saying something.

Lastly, I am so proud of each and every one of the beautiful ladies in this photo. We each have gone out into the world to spread our wings and then some with travel, jobs, children, and now grandchildren. We span the entire USA - from California to New Jersey with Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, New York, Florida, and Maryland in the mix. They have been the wind beneath my wings while weathering many storms, and for that, I'm forever grateful!

Keeping in touch is a good thing. I'll honor it as long as I can.




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