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The Doctor Gratitude Prescription

Updated: Jan 25

Today's post has a little twist because hubby Bill posted a fantastic Facebook post that I wanted to share in this space of him shining his gratitude light on the most amazing doctor we've had in our lives, Aziza Shad (pediatric oncologist).

Bill's Facebook post regarding the gratitude we have for Dr. Aziza Shad will come to light, and you will understand the sentiment that Susan Cain stated in her recent Substack post. It's a golden moment to share the good in our lives and the people in it (doctors) who selflessly believe and understand their patients with compromised health and compassionately strive for the best outcomes.

Here is what Bill wrote:

Since 1996, Dr. Shad has been at our family's side, guiding and caring for Ryan Tomoff through his #ChildhoodCancer wars and beyond to monitoring the late effects of his treatments through the years.

Please read Susan's full substack post (link in the comments below), and I wish you can share your #gratitude with someone who forever impacted your life 🙏❤️.

Dr. Shad, thank you… the words shared by a patient in Susan's post are beautiful. The Tomoff family carries these sentiments for you:

"How do I start? Where do I begin to express my feeling of gratitude? appreciation to a [doctor] with compassion, knowledge, and the kindest doctor… I had the pleasure of having them in our lives.

Your caring, right from the heart, and your kindness always lead us in the right direction. We never thought to get a second opinion. Whatever you advised was good enough for us. BECAUSE YOU CARED, TRULY CARED…."

My/our hope is that if there is someone in your life who impacted you, your family, or a loved one, consider reaching out and letting them know. It could be a doctor, a special nurse, a teacher/professor, a supervisor or former supervisor, a family member, a mentor, or a colleague. I promise you will make their day (if not week/month/year!). Consider it Manufacturing Sunshine for a great presence in your life.



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(21. 3.)

Dr. Aziza Shad is an incredible and inspiring human being and doctor! Thank you for sharing my sentiments from Facebook 😍.

Bill Tomoff

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