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Mother Nature Plays a Role in the 40th Annual Kelleys Island Races!

Since 1983, the KI Chamber of Commerce, or one of the local running clubs in Sandusky, Ohio, has hosted a spin around the island on the first or second weekend of June. It's been our tradition for almost 40 years, and we have built our vacations around this small island race. Back in the day, as competitive college runners and our teammates, especially from Bowling Green State University, we captured the magic of the race, our friends, and the island - mostly camping in the state park on Lake Erie.

I can't believe how many memories were made as our families/friends grew and now coming back with their own families. The full circle of life and living in various parts of the USA, but commencing on this small family-orientated island each year. Our family does not like to miss it if we can help it (except during Ryan's main cancer treatment years).

This entire week and the weekend were stellar…except for the high winds coming off Lake Erie causing all kinds of trouble with the ferries going back and forth to Marblehead, Ohio. In essence, Mother Nature wreaking havoc with waves as big as an ocean. All this wind was through sunny skies and nary a rain cloud in sight, let alone a passing storm.

This biggest bugaboo was not meeting up with the author of Reach, Becky Robinson, and her friend, Sarah, all due to Mother Nature and her tremendous hand in the big winds crossing all over the Lake. They drove down from Michigan this morning, ready to run the 10K (they are runners, too), but were unable to get on the ferry - no one was able to get on a ferry until late afternoon. The race had about 2/3 fewer people but was still as fun and magical as the previous 39 years.



Photos: 1) The KI Gang for 2023; 2) the medalists in both 5K & 10K: 3) Last sunset (I know it was higher than usual, but that's when I was able to capture the shot!).


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