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Merry Christmas Eve, 2022

It's a blessing that the world seems to be opening up more than last year with traveling and visits over holiday weekends. "They say" the you-know-what virus has cases headed north on some of the charts noted in the news, but with caution, folks are taking measures to have celebrations nonetheless. Maybe laughing, eating delicious foods and cookies, and toasting to jolly cheer will do our psyches well.

Yesterday, we celebrated with the family and extended family last night, thankful we arrived safely the day before (timing is everything)! All had a great time, especially with an 18-person Yankee swap exchange, a couple of games with door prizes, and delicious food and dessert!

What’s not to like?

Except for missing my daughter and her fiancé, my heart is full (as well as my stomach!).

If you celebrate, Merry Christmas! And Happy 7th Day of Hanukkah!

In my photo below, we are missing (6) of our swap tribe. The Hennis and Butcher families left before we all looked at each other and exclaimed, "we need a group photo!"



The gang; Kim & Jerry, The Swappers (Matt in red), the girls (Shana, Annette, Taylor, Kimberly, and me), and Bob (Cavachon).


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