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Memorial Day Weekend!

We are left early for Ohio, and tomorrow, Kelleys Island, Ohio. That small family-orientated island is one of our happy places on Earth. I had booked the house we are renting last May, way before my daughter, Olivia, got engaged, married, and a European trip in the works with Akimbo Alumni in the South of France.

KI (Kelleys Island) is the quiet island in Lake Erie between the US and Canada. There are many islands in Lake Erie, but we love this one. We’ve been going there for weekends and then weeks for close to 40 years.

But, this is all possible because of the sacrifices our US Military and our allies made during wartime…and times at peace. Hubby Bill, Ryan, and I were lucky enough to commemorate our heroes when we visited Omaha Beach in France and the American Cemetary there steps away from the English Channel last month.

I can’t believe we stood on the beach where thousands of US soldiers rushed the beaches to quell the Nazis and their prolific firing squads to ultimately liberate France and the rest of Europe in June of 1944.


The crosses, the history, and the sacred grounds are etched into my brain. As my friend Susan Walter has written: "It is not lost on me how the depth of sacrifice, death and service so unimaginable was so ghastly, it was also unspeakable."

I couldn't agree more.

A huge shout of Thank Yous to all who served then, now, and into the future!




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