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Lunch Opportunity with Carmen!

Who doesn't like going out to lunch? Ladies who lunch can have a gastronomic experience, of course, but it's even better is to dine with the generation below us whenever the occasion arises. We learn so much from the younger set, and I love their energy and zest for life.

Today I met up with Carmen Smith, an intelligent and artsy millennial, in historic Frederick, Maryland, She is my good friend, Jodie's second daughter, and she is in the area to help farm sit for a good friend of hers. Carmen revealed that as long as she is home before dark to care for the pigs and dogs on the farm, she can do anything she wishes. I'm thrilled that lunch with me was on her list! We made fast plans last week to meet in a downtown Frederick restaurant.

I loved that Carmen shared what she was doing as an artist, working for an artist and sculptor, and her new gig as the conservationist at the Historical Society on Kelleys Island, Ohio. Her MFA degree seems to be paying off in spades, and I am so proud of where she stands today in her art orbit (she also makes beautiful jewelry) with the talent that oozes out of her to benefit so many.





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