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Loong Days Can Be The Best Days on Kelleys Island!

I was too pooped to write yesterday in this space. I have a bit more energy to write tonight, though not much! Ha!

Many experiences were all around the last couple of days especially blending the ‘new’ and old friends and familial relationships. From sunup to sundown, along with the kick-off of bike week (which we did not have anything to do with all the Harley Davidson motorcycles that were on a scavenger hunt around the Island -and loud exhausts that pierced the quietness to boot), I carted my friends and two sisters around the Island (glacier groves and other points of interest) on our 6-person golf cart (and one car).

Yesterday's lunch and dinner for the entire girl gang - at an outdoor restaurant on Lake Erie and hanging out at our rental on KI for both repasts, sent my heart full and soaring.

It was one of those days that last and last because the weather and company the entire day was perfect! In a good way, our days spent on Kelleys Island go by in a New York minute. When there are guests coming and going like yesterday’s Girl Gang, minus owning Harley-Davidson motorcycles that rumbled all over the island yesterday with their LOUD exhaust systems that could wake up the dead, these days add up to the Best Days!

One of the girl gang members said that all those motorcycles “were cool.” I agreed, except for us screaming over each other to hear each other all day. My two sisters, Kimberly & Annette, Linda Misencik, and my high school friends - Debbie, Kata, Robin, and Sue, plus me, comprised the girl gang members. The sisters and friends left after dinner when most of the cool motorcycle guys and gals went home too. Cyclists do NOT want the swarms of Midges (or Candian Soldiers) in their teeth when driving at dusk or after.

Today was more of the same, sunny skies and mild temperatures to do anything on the island. Only one guest arrived mid-day, hubby Bill's twin, Don, joining Mark Misencik and Hubby Bill and son Ryan for the aptly named boy's gang.

Thankfully, I was able to ride my bicycle all over the island this morning, meet up with Jodie Smith’s Kids Running Club and their practice, and do another 3.5-mile hike with Linda Misencik covering Horseshoe Lake and more.

The whirlwind of activities in the last 24 hours ended late afternoon when I laid down for a “short” nap of over an hour. Boy, I needed it! All the excitement I’ve had that makes me giddy with delight also made me crash soundly to restore my energy for the rest of the day.

Dinner was on the island’s point at Jodie and Scot Smith’s beautiful home. Not only was the meal spectacular but the western sunsets cannot be beaten from their home’s angle along Lake Erie.

bSoleille! And good night!


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