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Kelleys Island Kick Off

May 29, 2023, Kelleys Island, Ohio

We are in our happy place KIOH! The kick off of the summer of 2023 in the state of Ohio (where hubby Bill Tomoff and I grew up) is a blessing for sure!

This year we rented a bright yellow house built on the island in 1836. It yellow like sunshine right on Division Street. We are thrilled to be back, along with the amazing weather and spectacular sunsets, and Linda and Mark Misencik. I love me a good, nope … wait … a fantastic sunset .

Dinner of spegetti and meatballs at the bee house with Jodie and Scot Smith was not too shabby either!

Full stream ahead for fun in the sun the rest of the week. Writing and reading too must be part of my day. Plus more visitors coming and going all week.

Giddy up!




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