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Jumping for Joy

September 13, 2023 - Seattle, Washington - La Quinta Hotel

One more leg to go to get back home on the East Coast tomorrow. Some nonchalant passengers may have taken another flight back on the same day from Hawaii, but the jet lag can get to be a bit too

much. A night to catch up with time differences surely helps; and Jodie and I picked this option way back in the planning stages.

Once home, I have some hopeful stories to share regarding my travels to Oahu and Maui. There was lots of serendipity moments in the last two days regarding the survivors of Lahaina, and the people who are helping them over FEMA and the Red Cross (met people working with both affiliations). Big bureaucracy stifles creativity in the big push to help so many who are displaced on Maui.

However, the power of tight knit communities around this magical island have galvanized many locals to help as many families as they can with no complaints, only compassion and love. It was amazing to see how important it is to get these families together, have shelter and food, and the hope to rebuild their lives.

It’s not going to be easy, but there is always hope for better days ahead. I’m honored to have witnessed the tremendous force in every corner of the island to right the ship.




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