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It Takes a Village...

How many times do we hear or read these four words? It can mean different things to different people, mostly involving raising a child/children. Buy how about for adults?

Let's take a step further when in a quilting bee or a close-knit women's organization. It takes a village when we finish each other's words or sentences since we know each other so well. Maybe others have experienced the same thing, either finishing sentences or serving a meal to a loved one that cannot get out of the house. It takes a village (ITAV), right?

Sew, when our bee decided to help plan our upcoming Southern Comforters Quilt Retreat later this month, Deb Hoppe came up with the brilliant idea of ITAV, and it fits us to a tee! Susie Stevenson found a pattern on Pinterest that goes with our theme - houses & trees; let me add that they are addictive to make. We usually have a retreat block with the same themed fabric provided to each retreater., and make different-sized blocks divisible by three (12", 9", or 6"). They are raffled off at the end of the weekend retreat to one or two lucky winners depending on how many blocks are created.

Twenty-twenty-three is the year of the house(s).

Hosting my bee and making house & tree blocks made the day fly by on a Fun. Feb. First.

Below is the start of a small village...The blocks are sized 5.5" X 7"




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