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It's a Wrap!

A Quilting Haiku:

Quilter's Retreat is complete

Sewing machines hummed

Creating future heirlooms

I'm pooped and ready for bed. The inspiration was off the charts, with the 125 strong quilters in attendance comprised of talented sewists and fiber artists steadfastly working on their creations for hours and hours. The quilts and other items being finished, or even just started, is not what "grandma used to make." These women and their machines were on fire for what they created each hour of the day.

The only breaks we took were for meals and demos or even taking a looksie in the pop-up store. And...big news, I purchased a new red colored iron! It's going to be great for all the work I do on my T-shirt quilts and beyond.



Photos below: Debbi Carter and me; Star blocks at 5 3/4" to go into the Christmas quilt I worked on almost all weekend, and Debbi with her last project (she was killin' it with her finished quilt tops!) - those stinkin' cute sailboats!

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