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Home Sweet Home

I’m wildly thankful I made it home last evening on one of the smoothest flights I’ve ever encountered; without my small carry-on suitcase. Floating like a butterfly or in an ultralight airplane was more like the feeling I experienced than being on a loud aircraft with cranky engines and the possibility of rough turbulence. Nope, this 787 jet careening at 550 mph and 43,000 ft. was smooth as a sheet of shiny steel. Traveling through some big puffy heavenly clouds with brilliant sunshine was the “terrain” for the almost 8-hour flight back; I sat back and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

And not that British Airways “lost” my luggage as I patiently await its delivery to my home; it did not make it onto my flight after landing in London Heathrow from Poland. I thought the suitcase had plenty of time, several hours in fact, to have it transferred to the correct flight back with me, but Heathrow Airport is a monstrous thing, and that is not surprising now looking back.

On the first leg of the trip, while at the Chopin Airport in Warsaw, my carry-on suitcase was a little “too plump” to, well, carry on my flight. Thinking back, I should have “begged” the guy at check-in and at least taken a few things out to transfer them to my already packed-to-the-gills backpack - like my calendar and my daily medicine and a few more items - to make it more compliant to travel with me.

However, I happened to be first in line, and when I looked back, at least 50 people were waiting (and staring at me) to be checked in too. I had to quickly decide to let it go into baggage (the weight was good!), not thinking clearly that I should have gotten those few needed items.

For right now, I am going to trust the process. My bag will arrive, and all will be well. Then the trip will be in the books as the epic journey it already is.



Photos: 1) Kissing Poland goodbye (photo credit: Renata Trojanowska), 2) Inflight scenery, and 3) Home Sweet Home with greetings by my beautiful-in-full-bloom knockout rose bushes!

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