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"History Outside the Box"

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Inspiration in quilting was tapped again with my quilt guild's meeting last night as we hosted T Carter, a Historian and Fiber Artist! She gave us an outstanding lecture and trunk show focusing on embellishments on quilts, from beads, buttons, and crystals to scarves, guitar picks (Prince the Artist!), and silk flowers. You can read more about T here:

Funny, accomplished, a dynamite storyteller and award-winning quilter, T spun tales of lore and gossip in small-town Minnesota with one of her mansion quilts that her mama used to walk by daily as a child. Not only are her quilts fascinating, but she also has a knack for Side B (a nod to Gyleen X Fitzgerald), more commonly known as the back of the quilt. T uses lots of fun fabrics that would not be good on the front of the quilt due to the size of the motif, or the colors don't match quite right. They do on Side B!

T was a delight throughout her one-hour lecture. Her ideas and possibilities on how quilters/sewists could enhance their own quilts with "think outside the box" embellishments won the spellbound crowd over.

A huge shout of THANKS to T and our guild's program chair, Debbi Carter (no relation to T), who found T and invited her to share her love of quilting and the stories and histories of many she creates.



Photos below of T and some of her quilts:

1) T and her three bigger quilts, 2) Halito (means Hello in Choctaw language), 3) A doily (from her fav Aunt) quilt, 4) A vacation rendition quilt, 5) Dressing Marie Antoinette Quilt ("let them eat cake") with her helpers, Trish and Debbi, and 6) Ms. Marie's A quilt all dressed!


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