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Happy Mother's Day 2022!

When your son gives you a beautiful card, along with Good&Plenty and Reese's Peanut Butter cups, are we all in agreement that the G&P can be eaten as an appetizer to start the day and the PB cups for dessert? Well, too bad if it's not, because that's what I did today (haven't had the PB cups yet). Ryan also planned the Lunch - homemade pizzas to everyone's liking in his Ooni! Delicious!

My hope is that everyone across the land is celebrating their Moms/Grandmoms/Great Grandmoms/Aunties and any women in their lives that have made a difference in yours. I'm sure it's in the millions and millions of women doing their best every single day in working, raising kids and families, kissing boo-boos, driving car-pool, and cheering everyone on in their disciplines across the board (sports/academics/other endeavors).

By noon, "The Best Daughter," Beau Bo, and Disco arrived for the afternoon. Four-month-old Disco stole the show with all her antics of checking every nook and cranny she could sniff and smell throughout the house and backyard. Plus, not a shy one at all, she almost emptied out the entire dog toy basket by sprinkling the well-loved toys down the hallway. A sweet flower arrangement plus two great stationery gifts rounded out my loot!

My heart is full and grateful for today — really every day! Hubby Bill chimed in and said, "every day is Mother's Day."



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