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Happy Halloweenie 2022!

Maybe I spoke/wrote too soon in my post on Saturday. The Escape (a boo-tique hotel in downtown Lewisburg, WVA) was all quiet on Friday night, and I slumbered well. Saturday night, not so much.

When a restaurant is attached to a small upstairs hotel, with the name, The Asylum, no less, I should have known some nights may get loud with music with a big Halloween Party thrown in the mix, ahem, and of course, planned on the weekend I was traveling!

What was I thinking?

I wasn't. But I did have lunch at The Asylum and got "invited" to their party later that night. That should have been the #1 blues clue to a rocking bar atmosphere once back home from the wedding.

Of course, my room was exactly above the disc jockey spinning songs with a strong bass; THUMP…THUMP THUMP…THUMP...THUMP...THUMP THUMP, and shaking my windows to a new rattle song. Once I wrote my blog post, got my PJs on, and read for a few minutes, I decided to lie down on the bed and try to fall asleep. Ah no. That was not going to happen at first. The bed vibrated more than a wooden roller coaster ride. I turned to Netflix and a movie while upping the volume on my phone to combat the noise emanating up to my room.

By 12:15 am, I sent this text to the host: "What time does the music stop tonight? My bed is shaking!!??" I was thinking maybe somehow the music would stop by midnight.

I never got a response. The music finally stopped an hour or two later while I was dozing and trying to watch the movie at the same time.

Boo! Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a spooky, fun day.



The photo below is the "Boo Crew" quilt I like to display at this time of year (I know there is a missing pink inner ear on the lower left mouse I need to fix/add).


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