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Hankering for Eggs

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

All week I’ve been craving eggs. I never made them. I like hard-boils, but didn’t take the time to boil ’em. I like over-easy and over medium, but just was too lazy to make those and only sipped my tea each morning (multiple mugsful).

Recently I purchased a large bag of Oso Onions harvested from Peru. They are whitish in color and very sweet. Favorites for sure! There are over a dozen of them and I had the bag sitting on the counter all week to share at least half of them with my daughter who is visiting us today.

Ever so slightly I heard them whisper, “please sauté one of us with garlic.” Okay, that was the start. I also had spinach and a dozen of free-range eggs from Trader Joes in the fridge (big THANKS to “The Best Daughter.” When I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on for tea this morning, those onions were practically in my face now demanding I use one of them.

I just had to make #onionsgarlicspinacheggs. They made me!

So I did. I got everything out I needed and began. I sautéed the onions and garlic to a rich translucent state. I then added (2) handfuls of spinach for a quick minute or two before adding (4) scrambled eggs. A pinch or two of some good spices and pepper to top it off was all that was needed for this delectable dish.

There was enough for two, and of course, hubby Bill was invited to the quick late morning brunch made spur of the moment.

A great way to celebrate the little things on a cloudy rainy morning. The small wins…

This photo is from a year old People Magazine someone left at the house exactly a year ago. Before throwing it into the recycle bin, I opened it up and saw this page. I swapped out what was in the photo for my dish.

When your lunch deserves its own moment in the spotlight
When your lunch deserves its own moment in the spotlight


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