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Tomatoes - Red Gold!

It's that time of year again for canning tomatoes. Although I had a "short shift" with my canning peeps, Marilyn Eichner and Patty Lubin, it did not stop me from going to Fairfax, VA, this morning to peel a couple of hundred blanched tomatoes (regular and Roma) before the next part of the process that Marilyn and Patty covered since I had to return to Maryland to meet up with my New York visitors this afternoon.

Aren't summer tomatoes the very best? That delectable taste of summer lasts and lasts when the weather turns colder, and that red gold amplifies not only the aroma around the stove/kitchen but the delicious winter chili and so much more.

Except for the lids, the rings and several dozen Bell Jars do the honors each and every year, holding the contents without complaint until the lids are gently popped and the red gold seeps into any deserving recipe. If you figured out I love tomatoes in any way, you are right!

What are you canning this year?




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