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Dinners, DC & more with Kimberly and Jerry!

We love our visitors to Crofton/Washington DC/Annapolis. Between last weekend's visits with Linda Misencik and Don Tomoff and this weekend's visit with my sister Kimberly and her hubby, Jerry, we've had a lot of laughs and big, big fun!

No moss had one iota of a chance to grow under our feet with all we had planned. Museums and Meals were at the top of the list. The grand finale was last evening's three-hour USA Guided Tour of DC at night. Bill, Ryan, and I have lived in the DC Metro area for 27 years and never had the view of DC at night - for the pure viewing pleasure of it and the lit-up monuments and points of interest. Kimberly and Jerry loved it, too. Our guide, Christopher, was a whiz at all the fun facts and lore of many presidents and our country's founder, plus the tidbits he shared about many of the buildings in and around the Mall. Not only that, he was funny too and had a rapid-fire pace of speaking (I told my posse that he was between 1.5-2.0!). I bid on four tickets for this tour at the 2022 Special Love Gala. I am so glad I did!

For mealtime celebrations, Ryan found a cool restaurant on Main Street in Annapolis - Dry Bar 85 for Friday night. On Saturday evening, before the bus tour, we went to our favorite DC restaurant, Founder's and Distillers. Everything was delicious!

Anyone paying attention to the news might wonder if we were affected by the protests this past weekend in DC. Nope. Sure, we saw some folks walking with signs going to and from the rally, but we easily found parking and adventured to our museum visits without incident. On the bus tour, we noticed lots of traffic near the White House (rally protesters) that the driver beautifully circumnavigated to keep us on schedule.

I must add I loved seeing the District of Columbia all lit up. Plus, we had the perfect clear night and mild temperatures to get on and off the bus without worry. I highly recommend it. If local, be a tourist in your backyard...


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