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Handi-Quilter Pro-Stitcher Classes

When I bought my pre-owned Avanté (Thanks, Mary Kay Kerr!), it came with a computerized tablet known as the Pro-stitcher. I've tried to operate it on a few occasions (there is a learning curve!), and friends who have one and use it to quilt their quilts have come over to try and help me learn the program on several occasions. Nothing ever stuck so I resorted to Free Motion Quilting FMQ.

However, as an FMQ'er for the last 15 years, love that style. But the PS is an expensive piece of equipment, sew I thought this year was the year to sign up for classes at Spring Water Design in Columbia, Maryland to learn the program.

Today was the first of 12 sessions I signed up for. Meet-ups are once a month on either a Sunday or the following Tuesday. Kate, the instructor, is an expert in PS. I've known her for years in the quilting world, and I think I'll learn a lot from her expertise and the amazing way she teaches.

Once I get the hang of it and can program on my own, I've got a queue waiting patiently to get quilted!



The quilt below is an example of FMQ! It's great for T-shirt Quilts.


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