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Guest Blogger with Jodie Smith and her TWT recap of Hawaii

Reflections of Travels with Terri (or TWT)

Travels with Terri begins as a story of a communicator.  

Terri communicates in writing and verbally.  If she is not doing one, she is doing the other.  In the Hawaii version of TWT, Terri communicated verbally on a regular basis.

​*The time and temperature.

​*Why the sun shines.

​*The why to why we do anything, right?

​*The difference between this and that.

​*The “real” reason everything happens, (affectionately called, “The world according to Ter”).

​*The obvious.

Terri’s latest communication is verbal and based on the book she wrote, The Focused Fight.  On TWT Hawaii, I was privileged to listen to a portion of her self- read audio book.  I wait with anticipation to hear the rest of the story.

Terri also communicates her support verbally and in written words.  She will be there in happy times and in sad times, in your life transitions, and in your joys and sorrows.

TWT Hawaii, August 30-September 14, 2023, could not have been better executed, planned or mapped out.  The Hawaii version (Oahu and Maui) is complete, done (not dusted yet) and still fresh in our minds, hearts and souls.

If you want to have an unexpected, deep surreal emotional adventure you will Travel with Terri.

If you want to have an experience full of REAL people in their home and culture, you will TWT.

Do you want to gain appreciation, gratitude for living, for travelling and for friendship? TWT.

Travels with Terri brought serendipity (NOUN: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.) along every step of the adventure.

For more visual information about TWT Hawaii, peruse Terri’s social media and Jodie’s FB page.  In the meantime, watch for more blog posts from Terri describing some of our incredible encounters, on Oahu and Maui.

Aloha and Mahalo!

Aww, Thank you, Jodie!!!

Photo below was taken a minute before we parted ways after our epic Hawaiian adventure. That is Josh, a random dude, who thought he was cute to photo bomb our last pic (and gave his friends and us a good laugh too).


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