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Gleaming White Sink

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Do you have a household pet peeve? Maybe you like when the toilet seat is up or down. Perhaps you want the plants watered on a certain day or the floor swept and mopped once a week. There is always something to do, and chores of taking care of our living space are waiting for us each day. One of my pet peeves is the kitchen sink—meaning I need a spotless kitchen sink at least by bedtime. It's the little things.

Throughout the years, especially while on a quilt retreat weekend, I firmly stated my intention before I bugged out for the sink to be empty and clean upon my arrival home. That's it. The whole house could be in chaos (often that is what I came home to), but if the kitchen sink gleamed with nary a dish or spoon in sight, everything was A-Okay with mama. I relish a clean sink.

Hubby Bill is a dynamo in the kitchen. He can pack a mean dishwasher like nobody's business and, even better, empties it in the morning. Due to the pandemic, he knows where everything goes and that everything has a specific place in the cupboards and surrounding area. It bodes that Bill seems well trained in KP duty.

Thankfully, we work in tandem, but Bill has had an edge on me with the sink patrol. I don't mind one bit relinquishing this status since I am grateful for the tremendous help he provides each day. We are a team, after all, and teamwork saves the day.

What is your pet peeve around the house?




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