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Fun in Unseasonably Warm Weather!

When visiting guests are in town, the area where we live has a plethora of places to see and exciting things to do. Travel mate and good friend, Linda Misencik, who was my co-pilot on our busted trip from Annapolis to Anchorage in an Accord, came east from Colorado for a long weekend in the warm fall days in the mid Atlantic.

We don’t stop having fun except for eats.

After an early morning 4-mile run/walk around the Crofton Parkway, we headed to the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge in Laurel, MD. They have not only some easy hikes around it’s 10,000+ acres (we did one around Cash Lake), but a small but mighty gift shop, most items animal based.

Board games and leftovers from all the food I made mid week rounded out the rest of the day, now settling in for a movie .

Oh, one more fun thing we did yesterday was strolling through downtown Annapolis, eating at the iconic Chick and Ruth’s Deli on Main Street and browsing through the boutique shops. On our way out we began talking to two young ladies from the University of Kentucky Rifle Team. They were finishing their lunch, each wearing their Kentucky blue Riflemen polos, and ready to prepare for their Great American Rifle Conference Match against the Naval Academy scheduled this morning at Bancroft Hall on the Academy grounds.

The young ladies were cute as buttons and have fired their rifles and other guns since a very young age. They were quick to show us their targets, and explaining the difficulty I. Aiming for a target as small as a period on your computer keyboard (a 12.5 in New Times Roman font). What???

Lastly, they showed us what the dot looks like from their rifles scope. SMALL!! I mean, microscopically SMALL!! Go go go Girls is all Linda and I could say to that. Beat Navy if you can. But, from their website, we think Kentucky won their match today.

The sport of collegiate rifle competitions are a combined coed varsity sport, where men and women compete equally! Cheers for that!




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