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Friendship & Holiday Festivities

Many people come and go, but the best ones stay in your life forever.

Take, for instance, my/our friends, Tom and Rosalie Franek and Co. — their kids Bridget (Gabe) and Josh (Kristina), and now one grandbaby, Bodhi! I met Rosalie when we were teenagers running in a track meet at Berea High School or the Bell Relays in Rocky River, Ohio. I was 15, and Rosalie was 14. We loosely stayed in touch by going to meets to compete with our respective high schools. Still, we deepened it when we all ended up at Bowling Green State University in the early 1980s (that includes Tom, Bill went to Ohio University though we do not hold it against him, well, maybe a little).

So when the chance arose to visit not only the Franeks this holiday season in the Metro Cleveland, Ohio, area but also my/our good friends Bill and Colleen Gawne with their daughter, Jordan, and son, Hunter, via Facetime at Hopkins airport (his flight got canceled like thousands of others), we were all in on the visits! Thankfully, by the end of our trip, the roads were in tip-top shape to travel to their homes for festivities — breakfast with the Franeks and cookies with the Gawnes the night before.

But the most significant gift was cuddling with Bridget's four-month-old baby boy Bodhi! He was so good as I held him tight while catching up with everyone in the house. I'm thrilled for Bridget, Gabe, and Tom & Rosalie, Uncle Josh, and Aunt Kristina. For those who are already grandparents, you must know what I speak. Even as a baby, the next generation is quite a powerful force. I could see it on everyone's face that day. Awestruck.




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